Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Artemis Fowl - The Graphic Novel

After becoming (by my own admission) the first 38 year old to finish reading every Artemis Fowl novel within the first two months of 2007, I was quite pleased to that Eoin Colfer had released a Graphic Novel of the very first 'Arty' book.

While it's not as detailed as the novel, it's a great effort and really nice to see Eoin's rendition of the characters.

Now that Harry Potter is complete, Artemis Fowl is a nice distraction to look forward to!!
Bring on book No. 6, Mr. Colfer

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Avinash said...

lol, I just searched for a Wikipedia writeup about good Arty McChicken; methinks this is such an awesome quote by Eoin Colfer himself, summing up the series:

"Die Hard with fairies."

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