Friday, December 28, 2007

Nice Rack!!!!!

I have wanted to do this for the longest time. There is nothing more amazing than having a wall full of equipment, but recessed into the wall. This is only the first draft and I will photograph the entire wall in relation to the rack later.
The rack will be painted white so as to minimise impact on the room. The equipment is merely on the shelf right now and not hooked up to anything. Once I get the LCD on the adjacent wall, I will work out routing the connections.
As with everything that I do, there will be no visible wiring anywhere.
More to follow.


Avinash said...

LCDs? What are you trying to illuminate. I got an easier idea: why not just get a couple of flourescent-coloured spray paint cans and just liven up all that black?

Wow, and like, since when has black gone well with brown? I mean like, hello!! Nice to see you've *at least* put the Sony up at eye level, so all that no-name stuff goes below... I must admit though, the turntable is rather retrosexual! SEXUAL!!!! Hi-five Nicole!

Dinesh Alexander D'Souza said...

Avinash, by 'no-name stuff' I'm assuming you mean the Rotel Amps.

Dhiraj hit him! (anywhere but on the head ofcourse).

Dhiraj Athanasius D'Souza said...

Sacrilege! May the spirit of Rascar Capac forever haunt your dreams.

But wait.... Valium has already done that to you.........

No more of your Morphine induced comments on my blog.

Completely gone to the blogs!!!!!

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