Wednesday, February 7, 2007

More Stuff that I've Done Part IV

Typeface Cabinet

This is a typeface cabinet that I salvaged from my Dad's printing press in Dadar. It was being sold to the scrap dealer (Jari Puranawala seems so much more romantic)

It is made from Burma Teak as was everything from our Colonial past and is quite heavy.

Had it redone, refinished and it now holds all manner of odds and ends. I picked up yet another smaller one which Lynda now uses to keep her art materials.

For those wondering what a Typeface is and are too lazy or inept to Wiki it, I will try to explain.

In the days prior to Offset Printing (go Wiki that yourself), words, lines and paragraphs were composed from lead 'types' or 'sorts' that were painstakingly set into a compositor stick before being transferred to the machine for printing. These cabinet held those lead types.

I even managed to get a brass Compositors Stick, but it needs to be polished and I will post it when it's done.


pezgirl said...

Just happened to run across your blog. I'm currently starting to restore two old Hamilton type cabinets...wondering the best way you went about yours? Did you just sand or is it better to use stripper (varnish/paint) first, let dry for a few days and then sand? I'm trying to skip the stripper part - less steps means less work! thanks! :)

Dhiraj D'Souza said...

Hi Pezgirl,

It depends on what sort of coating is on your cabinets at present. If it is multiple coats of paint, stripper would be the best option. If it's a single coat of varnish that has aged with time, you could try a scraper and then a sander. But be prepared to put a lot of work into it.....

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