Thursday, March 22, 2007

National Day - British School of Bahrain

Today was National Day at the BSBh. Aaliyah had been waiting for this day for weeks, planning her outfit, changing her mind, selecting the accessories...... So today Lynda and I dropped them off to school in Solidarityesque fashion dressed up in Indian gear as well.

The school was a riot of colour!!! Most of the kids there were dressed up in their national costumes. Those that I recognised - Indian/Pakistan, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Arab, Dutch (clogs), German/Swiss/Austrian (Lederhosen). It was all so nice.

Some were plain confused about what their National costumes were. Soccer uniforms anyone??? Cowboys???

This is one of times that I'm prouder than most that I am Indian and that we have such a strong heritage and culture to delve into. We don't just have A National Dress, we have so many!!!!! especially if you're a girl!!!!

Of course to Aaliyah this is just another day of fun at school and would probably not see things as cynically as I do.

It really is so amazing to be a child!!!! Hope they remain that way for a longer time.......


Dinesh Alexander D'Souza said...

So were there any of those Rajastani outfits that the men wear. You remember the type (in Mt. Abu) where the men wore funny skirts that started at the chest and ended up at the hips?

Anonymous said...

Not to try and be rude here, but don't you think that the people who wore their football outfits maybe just didn't have an interest in dressing up for the occasion?

Every single race / creed / colour / nationality is (or at least should be) proud of their own heritage (and so should you!), however you seem to imply that only Indians have culture or Heritage??

If you look at women from Singapore, Japan, Europe, etc, do you not think that they have MANY different outfits from which to choose? The fact that they have "modernised" does not mean that they don't believe in their culture or heritage.

As far as heritage and culture are concerned, please check this link. You may be surprised to learn that not only India has culture and heritage!:-

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