Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Silent Post (or some images are worth a thousand words)



More Clothes!!


Lynda D'Souza said...

Ok it does not look as much as it is. I still don't have the Tan boots or the biker boots or as many colored tights as I actually need! It's not what you think!!!

Karl said...

47 pairs of ladies shoes and I managed to spot one pair of tanned men's shoes (top left hand conner).... Lynda grab it and file-saw it a little here and little there and vola you have your tanned boots!!!!!

Lynda D'Souza said...

Karl - those are my boots..not a men's pair!

and I need a knee - high tanned pair so that won't work! its too short.

and its not 47! it's 57! hee hee...

good try!

Dinesh Alexander D'Souza said...

Oh my god Karl! treading on thin ice there mate. Lynda? - men's shoes!? - tsk! tsk! tsk!

Wait let me have another look ..... hmmm! wonder where Dhiraj keeps his shoes because they do look suspiciously like .... Nah couldn't be this is Lynda we're talking about here.

Dhiraj Athanasius D'Souza said...

Hello. Those are all Lynda's shoes. Besides I do have a special place for my shoes. It's called a 'Box' and it's located in the crawl space!!!

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