Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stuff that I've done Part V

Last spring Lynda had embarked on a project for her office. The project was essentially to scrapbook all of their events and have it displayed in their Foyer for all to peruse. Lynda needed a lectern to hold the book, but we were using Martha Stewart's largest Scrapbook which measures 18" high x 36" wide when open. All the lecterns that are commercially available were sized to hold a sheet of paper or at the most an open folder. This would no way do to hold open this album.

Add to that a non-existent budget and the job was mine. Like I ever had a choice!!!!!!!

I decided to make the unit out of project grade Pine for the base and the top surface. The legs are Newel Posts that are normally installed at the top and bottom of stair runs. I cut the Newels at an angle, cut radius' out of the bases as a design element, added a rest for the top plank, and rails for mounting. Dad did the final staining and it now sits at the DHL Brampton Call Centre.

The Newel Posts attached to the base.

Completely assembled and being tested for stability on a carpeted surface

From the Front

The Lectern holding the open Scrapbook


Avinash said...

That lectern is a great job done, D.

While it is accessible to everyone at the office, methinks it is deserving a platform. I'm just wondering how to involve mirrors into it... maybe have one where you rest your papers/scrapbook in the off-chance it's used for a speech. That way when you look at your notes, you can smile at yourself!

Lynda D'Souza said...

Ah why didn't we think of that - mirrors - that's right!

...and now this takes pride of place in my call center. My Hero does it again!

Karl said...

sorry but what's up with the music when I check out your blog....... the music does not help when one is slacking at work and surfing the net !!!!!!!

Lynda D'Souza said...

ha ha you are too funny handsome cousin!

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